MeQanno enables you to construct models (guns, power-ups, monsters, etc.) for Quake on the Mac. It is not strictly a 3d modelling program, rather it allows you to assemble 3d objects (built in other applications) into Quake .mdl files.

It is best used in conjunction with Meshwork, a lightweight (and inexpensive) 3d modelling application by Joe Strout, or with a 3d modelling application that can produce compatible DXF files (Stratavision, Form•z, Hash, etc.)

You will also need a means of accessing the models within Quake's PAK files (pak0.pak and pak1.pak), either Visage by Mark Enlow, or my own DePacker will do the job.


This reference is in three sections:

  1. This introduction.
  2. An overview of meQanno's controls and functions.
  3. Building simple items.

meQanno's controls and functions

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