meQanno - Known issues

version 1.2 (2/12/1999)

  • Revised Meshwork import again to eradicate left/right reversal bug that crept in with the last release.
  • Squished major bug in Meshwork export that was excluding certain edges in the exported model.
  • Upgraded Meshwork import in line with Meshwork v1.5.2, Meshwork poses are now automatically converted into Model animation frames. This upgrade means that meQanno and Meshwork can at last be used to rapidly create new monsters for Quake. A new tutorial will follow as soon as I can get one together.

version 1.14

  • Fixed front/back reversal on import/export meshwork frames.
  • Fixed long-standing point selection and movement bugs in the skin window.
  • Added 'special skin export mode' hold down shift or option while clicking export-skin.

version 1.13 Final

  • Applying changes to selected frames has been implemented (you specify the transformations to apply to frames with names containing a selected sub-string).
  • "Fix object shape" option that copies an object's vertex positions across the selected frames.
  • Import single frame bug fixed.
  • Import multiple frames bug fixed.
  • Add and Del skin controls added to the skinbox and implemented.
  • "File save as..." bug fixed.

version 1.12 Beta (15/4/99)

  • Support for Navigation Services added.
  • At the request of Frank Condello I've added the facility to set the size of the skin snapshots.
  • New option to turn off wireframes when creating a new skin.
  • Skin vertices are repositioned when loading a differently sized skin.
  • File Revert, and Close added. All windows close with [command]-W.
  • Prompt to save changes when closing or quitting.
  • fixed a Minor bug which would cause meQanno to quit on cancelling a DXF or Meshwork import.
  1. There's a problem with empty DXF files or those produced by Cinema 4D or AMapi that produce polymesh, or poly face mesh, based DXF files.

    (11/4/99 Fixed. DXF-In now interprests poly face meshes correctly. Thanks to Ronnie Ashlock for supplying the DXF files that made this possible)

version 1.10 Beta release (8/4/99)

  1. Clumsy zoom control on Skin Window.

    (12/4/99 Fixed - new Skin Window adds scrollbars and a zoom in/out control)

version 1.00 alpha release (26/3/99)

  1. Unimplemented Delete/Insert Frames options on the Edit menu.

    (5/4/99 - implemented Frame Browser, to cut, paste, move etc, groups of frames)

  2. No way to accurately set view pitch and yaw.

    (8/4/99 - implemented dialog to set Pitch and Yaw)

  3. Frame numbers are not displayed.

    (implemented 30/3/99)

  4. Clear not implemented on the Edit menu.

    (implemented 30/3/99)

  5. Skins produced may exceed 200 pixels in height, which is incompatible with models for Quakeworld 2.30.

    (checkbox to contrain skin size for QW implemented 30/3/99)

These issues should be resolved with the next release (1.01) sometime in the next two weeks.


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