How to set up an MacQuake Omicron Bot Blast with MacQFE.

Firstly, make sure you have the obots102 quake mod and have decompressed it into your Quake folder.


  1. In the obots102 folder make a new folder called "maps".
  2. Go to and download the required map and exec file (newbies, lamers or killers) for the current blast.
  3. Decompress the map and exec files. Place the map file in the "maps" folder you've just created and the exec file in the obots102 folder.
  4. Launch MacQFE. If you haven't already made a setting for the obots102 quake mod then you should open your Quake folder in the Finder and drag the obots102 folder to MacQFE's window.
  5. Double-click the obots102 entry in MacQFE's list to open the settings window.
  6. Click the tab for the Misc. settings, and use the Config file pop-up to choose the exec file you require.
  7. Click the tab for the Multiplayer settings, and set the maxplayers pop-up to Maxplayers "4".
  8. Alter any other settings to customise your set-up for this blast, and click "OK".
  9. Save your settings file. (Optional: Use the Make Shortcut option of the Edit menu to save a double-clickable shortcut to the BotBlast).
  10. Click Launch Quake. Or quit MacQFE and use the shortcut file you created to launch the Omicron BotBlast.

Quake will launch a multiplayer game and run the exec file for the Bot Blast.

It's customary to press "-" on the numeric keypad, then "+" twice to begin blasting.

Next time you want to play this BotBlast, either launch MacQFE select the setting file and press Launch Quake, or just double-click the shortcut file.