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NEW: Q1MapCompiler v0.4


  • Chuck Pisula pointed out a few bugs in the source code - corrected now.
  • Included the tools into the source code.


  • Mark Enlow found me the source for rvis, so that's been included.
  • Settings are now saved between sessions.
  • .map and .bsp files can now be dragged to q1MapCompiler's icon.


  • Fixed up a bug that was giving flaky results with some options.


  • I found the Tyrlite v.08 source, so I compiled it up and added it in.
  • Also I tidied up the menus, and reset the creator code to Cog7.
  • If I can get my hands on source code for better bsp and vis tools, I'll add them as I get them working.

I've been meaning to do this for a while - this is a simple GUI wrapper for the map compiling utilities (QBSP LIGHT & VIS) - a proof of concept so that I can wrap more useful utilities rapidly. All the source code is included, let me know what you'd like next!

The old CLI tools:
The original utilities were compiled with GCC from the unmodified early-release source files from idsoftware, using the makefile options for NEXTSTEP.

To use them under OSX, you'll need to use the terminal and be au-fait not only with the use of these tools but also with executing unix command line utilities.

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